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Focus On Studio

A series by Black Box Studio

Every 2 weeks

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National Campaign for Chaudfontaine

National Campaign for Chaudfontaine

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Galaxy Cocktails

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Rebranding 2018

Lunch Garden

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Kitchen Aid

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We are CREATIVES, we are explorers

Have you ever observed a baby when given a new object to play with? It’s not a ball until it bounces. It’s not a rattle until it makes noise. It is this exploration that drives our capacity to be creative.

100 years EXPERIENCE since 2009

Black Box Studio was born in 2009 by 2 photographers (Stephane Verheye & Olivier Chenoix) combining their experience. Here you will benefit from 100 years of combined experience and this is really something you can trust.

Wow ! We have a great professional NETWORK.

Wether you have a small project or a big one we find the right team for the right job: food stylists, freelance producers, art directors, retouchers, graphic designers, mock-up artists, set builders, video editors and others…

The ideal HUMAN SCALE partner

with a unique tailor-made approach to your ideas. This is where your project will always meet dedicated people that will make you feel at home.

What's more powerful than PASSION?

his is what makes us run and dig and wonder and get creative. We put Passion at work because we love what we do and we love to share it with you.

We are literally CENTRAL,

you’ll find Black Box Studio ideally located in downtown Brussels, the heart of Europe. Antwerp, Gent, Paris, London or Amsterdam it’s just some kind of neighborhood!


We welcome you in Dutch, French, English and Italian. We speak your language, it’s nice for you and it’s good for your ideas!