Tribute to NASA

- 2018

The history of the universe fascinates and will always shake the curious and keen soul drowsing in us. After a famous explosion as an appetizer and a primitive soup as a starter, here is the dessert: the intergalactic cocktail! We are very sorry, but it seems that the main course has been lost along the way. Our apologies.

A cocktail so ... and a cosmic one! Yes, because for our client Le Cyclamen, the mythical bar in Le Havre, it's all about epic. Indeed, echoing the challenging creations of Alain Gabriel, their new cocktail card displays names such as Cassiopeia or Alpha Centauri. Alain Gabriel asked the moon and Black Box Studio joined the space journey.

Tribute to Nasa is a series of studio photographs evoking the poetry of ether as much as that of spirits. It is a tribute to the agency's beautiful photographs that, for over half a century, have been the night sky of our childhood dreams.

Project Details

  • Project Type : Web & Menu - 2018
  • Our Mission : Hi-end Digital Photography & Retouching

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